Courses along with their tuition fees are listed below. Home students are held to be all students of an EU nationality and those granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK. bear in mind  that our degrees are awarded by the University of  Bolton and University of Northampton, with whom Amity has established formal academic agreements.

In order to be enrolled on a course we require an enrolment deposit covering 25% of the tuition fee for home students and 50% for international students. The remaining fee is due over the course of the academic year in a further 3 instalments for home students and 2 instalments for international students, each of 25%, though a student may make a payment any time in advance of the instalment deadlines should they so wish.  Please note that if the fee for a programme is listed as 'per annum' (pa), the same fee is payable each year for the duration of the course.



BA (Hons) Business Studies

BSc Computing

MBA Executive



 BA CourseS                                                                   

BA (Hons) Business Management                                                             

BA (Hons) Business Management - Finance                                           

BA (Hons) Business Management - International Business              

BA (Hons) Business Management - Marketing                                      

BA (Hons) Business Management - Entrepreneurship  


MBA COURSES         

MBA- General                                                                                                       

MBA- Finance and Banking                                                                           

MBA- Marketing and Public Relations                                                                                                       

MBA- International Business                                                                          

MBA- Entrepreneurship 

MBA- Executive   


PhD COURSES                                 

Doctor of Philosophy                                                                                        

For more detailed information, please refer to our Tuition Fees Policy. 



Once you pay the deposit for your programme there is a fourteen-day cancellation period where you can request the deposit to be refunded. After this cancellation period the deposit is non-transferable and non-refundable, except in the circumstances outlined below:

  • Change of course
  • Refusal of student visa
  • Failure to meet academic or English language conditions of offer
  • Amity cancels the programme
  • Deferral to later session
  • Exceptional circumstances


Terms and conditions to these circumstances apply. For full details please refer to the deposit refund policy.