Almost all public transport within London is overseen by Transport for London (TfL) and travelling by bus and the Underground (commonly called the Tube) and Overground rail networks is the easiest way to get around the city.  The rail networks stop running around midnight and start running around 5am, but there are many bus routes throughout London that operate 24 hours a day and these night-buses are a good way to get about in the small hours of the morning.

Tickets and Travelcards

London is divided into 6 different travel zones with TfL rail tickets priced according to the zones through which you pass, while buses operate a flat fare regardless of how far you travel.

Conveniently, all TfL services operate on the Oyster card system, which is the simplest and cheapest way of paying for your journey.  It is possible to buy tickets individually, however, you may then have to consider your precise journey and the cost of the ticket will be greater than that charged to Oyster card users.

Oyster cards can be topped up with ‘pay as you go’ credit and you need not then worry about choosing the right ticket as the fare is calculated automatically when you touch in and out at the barriers.  You can also put weekly, monthly or yearly travelcards on your Oyster card that will allow you unlimited travel between purchased zones for the valid period.  Generally, if you make more than ten journeys a week it is worth paying for a travelcard rather than paying as you go.

As a student you are entitled to an 18+ Student Oyster card.  Journeys made on this card receive a 30% discount on the adult fare and soon make you a significant saving.  To apply for your card you will need

·          A colour digital photo to upload

·          Your Amity student reference number

·          Your course start and end dates

·          A credit or debit card to pay the £10 fee

Visit the TfL webpage, click on 18+ students, then Apply online and select Amity Global Business School from the drop down list.


Sometimes you may wish to take a taxi rather than public transport.  TfL operate a Cabwise text service to ensure that you can always get hold of a licensed taxi.  To use the service text CAB to 60835 from your mobile phone TfL will use GPS to text you your two nearest minicab numbers and one taxi (black cab) number.

To be safe, when taking a taxi please follow these three tips:

1)     Book it – Book your taxi with a licensed taxi operator by phone, e-mail or in a taxi office.

2)     Check it’s yours – Make sure the driver can confirm your name and destination before you get in the car, and check the driver’s photo ID.

3)     Sit in the back – Always sit in the back seat, and carry your mobile phone in case of an emergency.

Don’t risk taking an unbooked taxi.  Always use a booked and licensed taxi, night-bus or the Tube to get home.

TfL Information

For more information please visit the TfL website,, which carries the latest transport updates as well as a useful journey planner.  You can also contact TfL by phone on 0207 222 1234 for a 24hr helpline and directions service.

London and Beyond: 16-25 Railcard

As much as we hope you’ll love London, you may want to get away from time to time.  One of the best ways to do this is by train and all full-time students are eligible for a 16-25 railcard, even if you’re over 25.  A railcard saves you 1/3 on train fares and costs £30 for one year.  If you’re planning to make any rail journeys a railcard is well worth getting hold of; for example, an off-peak return to Manchester costs around £65 so in only two trips you’ll already be saving money.  What is more, a railcard can get you discounts for a whole range of things, from shows and restaurants, to magazines and more.

Visit the website at for further details.

You can even add your Railcard to your Oyster card for a 34% off-peak discount and you’ll always receive the cheapest possible fare.  Visit and click on National Railcards and Gold Cards under Discounts for adults, to find out more.