IT Training

The IT Unit provides training and support in IT software. The skills developed from training can help you progress through coursework with greater ease and efficiency, as well as providing you with key IT skills for the workplace when you graduate. All training and support are free of charge to Amity students.

Microsoft Office Specialist Training

As a student here, you have the opportunity to gain any or all of the following Microsoft Office training for free:

What's covered in training?

Microsoft Office Word 2016

Working with long documents, paragraphs, tab stops, page setup, tables, columns, styles, illustrations, templates and proofreading documents.

Microsoft Office Excel 2016

Creating cell data, formatting cells and worksheets, managing worksheets and workbooks, Formulas and Functions (basic and more complex, including absolute cell referencing), charts, conditional formatting, sorting and filtering data, data protection.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016

Managing the PowerPoint environment, using templates and themes, creating and formatting slides and sections, applying transitions and animations and timings, insert video and sounds, using pointer options, creating custom slide shows and a photo album, working with slide masters.