Support in Assessments

What exam/assessment support is available?

The University has special assessment regulations to ensure that, as far as possible, students with particular disabilities and long-term medical conditions are not disadvantaged during the assessment (exams and other forms of assessment).

Individual exam arrangements

If you do not have individual exam arrangements already in place, you must contact the Student Services Unit and provide evidence of your disability at least six weeks before the date of your exam. Please scan and email documentation to It would also be useful if you could briefly outline the type of individual exam adjustments you think you are to entitled to.

Please note: it can take up to two weeks for student services to put arrangements in place for students, so all documents need to be sent before the above deadline.

If you have already provided evidence to student services and are on the waiting list to see an adviser, you do not need to send information again we will be in touch in due course to discuss the exam arrangements with you.

Am I eligible for support during exams?

If you have a disability or Specific Learning Difficulty and believe you may be eligible for individual exam arrangements, get in touch with the student services unit at

You will need to submit your request for individual exam arrangements to the Student Services Unit at least six weeks before the exam period commences.

If you do not submit your request within this timeframe, we cannot guarantee any individual arrangements. You will also need to include comprehensive, up-to-date medical or diagnostic evidence with your request.

If you have a permanent condition, any agreed exam arrangements will remain in place for the duration of your course.

If you have a long-term condition/disability, which by its very nature fluctuates, for example, MS, ME, HIV/AIDS or RSI, you will need to supply independent documentary evidence for each assessment period. All medical evidence should be current and explicit.

Unforeseen or temporary difficulties

If you encounter a temporary difficulty, e.g. limb fracture, you should contact student services as soon as possible to request any special exam arrangements.

If you’re unable to use public transport to get in and out of the University, you can apply to the Access to Learning Fund for assistance with your additional travel costs. Some Local Authorities also assist in such cases. Contact your Local Authority directly to enquire.

If you experience serious, unforeseen and unpreventable circumstances that prevent you attending an assessment or submitting a piece of coursework, you may need to submit a Mitigating Circumstances Claim.

A disability or Specific Learning Difficulty is not in itself valid grounds for submission of a Mitigating Circumstances Claim, as the purpose of the special assessment regulations is to ensure that, as far as possible, the needs of students with disabilities/Specific Learning Disabilities are met. However, if you encounter a sudden and unexpected relapse in your condition, then you may be able to make a claim for mitigating circumstances.

Note that all students, particularly those with chronic or long-term conditions, have a responsibility to evaluate whether they can comply with the requirements of their chosen course.

Making individual exam arrangements

If you have a disability and require individual exam arrangements, you will need to register with student services and attend an appointment as soon as possible.

It is likely to take one week to be seen, so we recommend you get in touch with the Student Services now. If you have already registered with Student Services and have learning support entitlements in place, you do not need to contact the team.

Contact Student Services at or on +44 (0)20 7631 0190.