How to apply

We will help you through the admissions process at Amity. In order to apply you must provide several documents. All applicants must complete the appropriate application form:

BA / BSc / MBA Application Form

PhD Application Documents

Please ensure that you complete the Personal Statement section of the form giving a detailed description as to why you are a suitable candidate for the programme as well as why you want to study the specific programme and why you want to study at Amity.

The following supporting documents should also be provided with your application:

  • Copy of full passport
  • Two reference letters
  • Transcripts and certificates from previous studies

International students (non EEA citizens) should also complete the following additional forms:

International students should provide the additional supporting documents:

  • Biometric cards (if applicable)
  • Previous enrolment / CAS letters (if applicable)
  • English Language Test (IELTS) from approved UKVI Centre (if applicable)
  • 60 day letter (if applicable)

Please send the application forms and supporting documents to the Admissions Unit:  who will contact you once they have reviewed your documents. The Admissions Unit will let you know whether you have successfully progressed to the interview stage of the admission process.

For further information about the application process for International students please click here or read the Admissions Policy for International Students.

If you have any questions regarding admissions please read the Admissions Policy or contact us.