Before you arrive


Amity will:


·         Publish accurate and relevant information about courses, conditions for admission, accommodation and fees;

·         Consider all applications fairly and offer places to those who will best benefit from our courses;

·         Ensure that our application process meets the needs of people with disabilities and that staff are aware of these              needs;

·         Provide details of resources for students with disabilities or learning difficulties and information on health, student            support and study guidance;

·         Provide information on social and recreation facilities available;

·         Offer Open days, giving you the opportunity to experience life at Amity University [In] London;

·         Help new students begin their transition to higher education and familiarisation with University information                            accessible via Amity website.


You as a student should:


·         Provide us with complete, honest and accurate information in your application, including any disabilities or learning         difficulties that may affect your life;

·         Start as early as possible to arrange your financial support, accommodation and any other support you may need;

·         Ensure that you have the financial support necessary for your studies and arrange with the University for the                      payment of your fees;

·         Refer to all Amity’s formal regulations, so you are familiar with what is required of you as a member of the Amity                  community.