The QAA made the following judgments:

  • Academic standards at the institution meet UK expectations for threshold standards.
  • The quality of student learning opportunities at the institution meets UK expectations.
  • The enhancement of student learning opportunities at the institution meets UK expectations.
  • Information about learning opportunities produced by the institution meets UK expectations.

Good Practice

Features of good practice identified in the audit include:

  • Comprehensive academic, professional and pastoral support, which enables students to reach their potential (Expectation B4).
  • Extensive range of opportunities for student engagement, combined with the evaluation of engagement activity, which ensures that students are central to the development of the University (Expectation B5).


As is usual in these reviews, the team has also made some recommendations and specific endorsement of areas of work where improvements are already in hand. These include:

  • Provide more comprehensive externally facing information for research students to inform their application process (Expectations C and B2)
  • Rationalise the assessment policies and procedures to ensure they are fit for purpose for staff (Expectations B6, A3.2 and C).
  • Take steps to improve the quality of the University's website (Expectation C).

Action Plan

Following the QAA audit, the University is required to publish an action plan to address the points arising from the review. The resultant action plan can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Action Plan related to the Higher Educational Review of November 2016


Read the full Higher Educational Review report on the QAA website.