When you apply for a place at Amity, you will be asked to disclose information about your disability, so we can put appropriate measures in place to support you during your studies. 

All information disclosed is dealt with securely, in line with our confidentiality policy. 

All information disclosed is dealt with securely, in line with our confidentiality policy. The information below summarizes information disclosure, how we handle your information in line with policies and regulations, and our approach to confidentiality. 

Disclosing your information

Disclosing your condition to your Admissions Tutor and the Wellbeing Service will allow for the relevant support to be made available to you. Your information will be treated sensitively and in strict confidence. 

How much do I need to disclose?

·         To enable us to provide you with the most appropriate support, we need the following information:

  • the health difficulties you're currently experiencing, or the condition you have

  • how your health difficulties or condition are affecting your studies, and how long you have been experiencing this for

  • what your current diagnosis is, and whether you are receiving any treatment (for a mental health condition, for example)

  • whether you're currently receiving guidance, support or treatment from a specialist.

Benefits of disclosing your condition

  • Disclosing your mental health condition or disability early on enables others to be mindful of your needs and gives you the chance to get the right support. This includes study support (such as a note-taker), financial support, and referrals within the Disability Unit.

Who needs to know about your condition?

·         To provide you with appropriate support, we need to be aware of your condition.

·         We will also need to share information with other members of staff, which can vary depending upon the nature of your condition or the kind of support we might put in place.

·         You do not need to disclose your condition or need for support to your classmates, unless you wish to. 

·         The Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA) will ask you for the category of your disability for statistical purposes. This is done anonymously.