Amity London's management team have years of experience teaching nationally and internationally and they take pride in delivering courses to the highest standard. You will immediately notice that the emphasis is on in-depth understanding and analysis rather than on memorising data by rote. Great use is made of case studies and class discussions with the aim of producing students who learn independently outside the classroom by using what they have learnt in it. 

Our degrees are awarded by the University of  Bolton and University of Northampton, with whom Amity has established formal academic agreements. All degree courses are tightly regulated by the awarding university. Study with us and you will be studying for a high quality, internationally recognised UK degree whilst being able to make the most of our vibrant central London location.  Our facilities are within Birkbeck College, University of London, in the Bloomsbury district of central London.  Bloomsbury is the academic heart of London, long associated with education. Amity House itself is a beautiful Georgian building located at number 24 on the historic Bedford Square and serves as the point of contact for students and Amity, housing all administrative and student-support services. What is more, at a time when the cost of higher education in Britain has soared, we are offering our courses at highly competitive rates with the added advantage of being able to begin your studies at a time of year that suits you best.



Please note that there shall now be no further intakes on the University of Northampton programmes.

COURSES / INTAKE                                                                                    LEVEL

BSC (Hons) Computing                                                                                   6                                        January, September

BA (Hons) Business Studies                                                                           6                                        January, September

MBA - Executive (University of Northampton)                                        7                                        January, April, September 



COURSES / INTAKE                                                                                    LEVEL

BA (Hons) Business Management                                                               6                                      January, September

BA (Hons) Business Management - Finance                                           6                                     January, September

BA (Hons) Business Management - International Business              6                                     January, September

BA (Hons) Business Management - Marketing                                       6                                     January, September

BA (Hons) Business Management - Entrepreneurship                        6                                     January, September

MBA- General                                                                                                        7                                      January, April, September 

MBA- Finance and Banking                                                                            7                                      January, April, September 

MBA- Marketing and Public Relations                                                        7                                      January, April, September 

MBA- Executive                                                                                                    7                                      January, April, September

MBA- International Business                                                                          7                               January, April, September  

MBA- Entrepreneurship                                                                                   7                                      January, April, September 

Doctor of Philosophy                                                                                        8                                       January, May, September