At all times


Amity will:


·         Promote equality of treatment regardless of gender, race, age, disability sexual orientation, religion or belief;

·         Recognise the needs of a multi-cultural and diverse student body and will endeavour to support those needs;

·         Provide opportunities for knowledge creation and exchange that aligns academic and professional practice;

·         Seek to provide a vibrant and collaborative environment that supports learning and self-development;

·         Consult and respect your views in the decisions affecting you, your studies and the community;

·         Take all responsible steps to provide a safe, secure and healthy environment free from harassment, bullying and discrimination.

·         Maintain and assure the academic standards and quality of its award;

·         Safeguard the personal information that you provide and comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act;

·         Provide opportunities for you to contribute to the management and evaluation of the quality and operation of your programme of study;

·         Promote environmental protection and fair-trade;

·         Listen to and consider student opinion;

·         Provide you with a Student handbook detailing the procedures and practices of the University related to your study.


You as a student should:


·         Make a commitment to your studies and fully utilise opportunities available to you for engaging in learning and student life;

·         Be respectful of your peers and Amity staff and help to create a positive and supportive learning environment;

·         Let us know what we can do to support your learning experience, informing the University at the earliest opportunity of any disability you have which may affect your opportunities as a student;

·         Be socially responsible in the multi-cultural and diverse community, living in harmony with the wider local community and ensuring you and those around you stay safe.

·         Make sure you are registered with a doctor locally;

·         Treat Amity with respect so as to avoid damage to the University premises, fittings and facilities;

·         Get involved and get active, through student representation on your course, by providing feedback on your programme of study and through the Amity Student Committee;

·         Comply with the University rules and regulations and, in particular, ensure that you notify the University of any criminal offences that you have or may receive;

·         Promptly pay your fees or charges when they are due;

·         Make the best use of the University and the city recycling facilities and consider issues relating to the environment and sustainability;

·         Make the most of the academic and extra curriculum opportunities available to you in order to realise your full potential as a member of the Amity community and as you move forward in your future career.