This section explains how to renew/extend your student visa from inside the UK.
The UKVI will accept applications for renewal at any time before the visa expiry date if made within the UK.

You are advised to begin the application process at least two months before your student visa is due to expire to ensure you have all the necessary supporting documents, including an ATAS certificate, if applicable.

Before you can apply to renew your visa you need your CAS statement from the University. If you are a continuing student you can request your CAS when it is less than three months to your visa expiry date.

You must apply to extend your visa before your current visa expires. Sending your application after your current leave has expired will mean that you have overstayed in the UK - the consequences of this are serious.

If you are moving from one course to another, the gap between the expiry date of your visa and the start of the next course must be no more than:
*   28 days if your next course is longer than 6 months or is a pre-sessional course; or
*   7 days if your next course is less than 6 months or is not a pre-sessional course.

If the above does not apply (course start date is more than 28 days after visa expiry date) you will need to return home and apply for a new visa from outside the UK.

Additionally, if you are moving from one course to another, you must apply for a visa for the new course before you start it.  Failure to do so will result in your application being refused and you will have to return home.

The UKVI has introduced changes to the Tier 4 visa system with regard to academic progression. These changes may affect students changing (no matter how small the change may be), transferring or starting on a new course. The changes also affect those who fail their course and are offered a lower award.

Last Update July 27 2018