Before you apply

Before you apply for the Research programme you should check that there is an appropriately qualified supervisor in your area of study. You can check on the areas of study of the research supervisors at Amity on Our People. You can find more information about the research areas at Amity by checking Research centres, institutes and networks.

A full list of our policies related to admissions for our Research programme. This includes appropriate policies from our partner institution the University of Bolton.

Related Policies from University of Bolton

PhD Off Campus Manual, University of Bolton

Research Degrees Academic Regulations, University of Bolton

Code of Practice for Research Students and Supervisors, University of Bolton

Research Degree Quality Assurance Procedures, University of Bolton

Research Degree Flowchart

PhD Off Campus Manual, University of Bolton


An overview of what will be expected from you as a Research student at Amity and what you can expect from Amity can be found in the Postgraduate Research Student Charter.


Our PhD Programme Prospectus provides valuable information about the Research programme and the wider institution.


If you are an International student please check the International student application section of our website for information about obtaining a CAS and a visa and your responsibilities as an International student. 

Further information

If you have any further questions about Amity and applying to study here, please contact us.

We wish you the best of luck with your application.